Doon Girls is a small school where everyone knows everyone else. The atmosphere is friendly, easy-going and loving and we value each child's uniqueness. The school is restricted to 200 students with only 20 children per section. Staff members are selected for their competence and compassion. Many of them live on campus, which allows close and personal supervision of each child. We are very aware of the emotional problems of young children living away from home and have a child counselor to guide us.

Life in the dorns is happy – the friends, the camaraderie, the fun of living with one's companions. Each of the four houses – Koel, Cuckoo, Myna and Robin – has its own dorm under the care of a housemistress and a matron, who are assisted by ayahs. The residential staff employs the best aspects of family life - care, support and discipline – to build a sense of responsibility for juniors and respect for seniors.

Doon Girls is fortunate in its unique management partnership between a professional educational society and a hotel group. Consequently, the housekeeping, hygiene and kitchen are managed by professionals.

The school has a well-equipped infirmary, a resident nursing sister and a well - qualified and experienced doctor. While most medical issues are dealt with in school, we also have a panel of specialists to which we can turn when required.