School Norms

The school is completely secular. All religion and faith are accorded equal respect and we celebrate all major festivals. Morning assembly includes prayers, songs, news, and a thought for the day.

Children are given love and affection and their individuality is recognized and respected. However, bullying, intimidation, abuse or physical violence by students (or staff) is not tolerated. Indiscipline of any kind is corrected without humiliating the child. Corporal punishment is never employed at our school. In extreme cases the school may be forced to expel a student. In this event, the Director’s decision will be final.

The year is divided into two terms of four months each-end-January to end-May and end-July to end- November. Final exams are held in March and students go up a class in the first week of April. Summer vacations are from end-May to end- July and winter break from end-November to end – January. There is a parent- teacher meet at the end of each term. We have a cultural programme in May and sports day in October.

Expensive personal items, including jewellery, watches, cameras and electronic games, are not permitted. Students (and their parents, relatives or friends) are not permitted to give gifts of any sort to any member of staff.

Students are allowed out for the day (9.00 am to 6.00 pm) 5 to 6 times per term. They are also allowed phone calls from home on designated days and times over the weekend.